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Parking Your Prefab in Your Backyard

Foundation, parking and hook-Up

So, you chose to purchase a prefabricated, ready to use, backyard cottage. Now what?
First you will need an experienced contractor for preparation and integration.

1. A Good Foundation
Costs and construction of the foundation vary depending on the size of the structure, the
materials used and the integration with other backyard features the cost and the
implementation timeline will affect the overall coast.

Additionally you need to design and integrate the desired utilities power, Internet, water and
plumbing. More significant buildings require city permitting and may address additional factors
when building a backyard cottage foundation.

2. The Delivery
You may have a predicament when your fully built cottage arrives. First, you must arrange to
get the building from the street to your backyard. If you have a wide alley and a large opening
to your backyard, your purpose-built mini home may glide easily into its designated spot.
However, if you live in a dense residential area, you will likely need to consider alternatives.
Last week’s delivery of a Mini-O to our West Seattle Client’s backyard utilized a hydraulic Shed
Mule. Possibly the coolest tool I have seen in use recently. Oh and a qualified operator. The
process required the skill to move the Mini-O from the street by rounding tight corners, slipping
between trees, and hauling along the main house with only inches to spare! But no worries,
our driver flawlessly delivered Melanie’s new backyard office!

3. Integration

Water, Electricity, Heat, Gas, and a wired Internet connection are amongst the most desirable
detached accessory dwelling unit amenities and they require preparation, before and
integration after delivery.

At Ballard Backyard Cottages we have solutions for all your DADU needs from ground up
custom construction to safely delivering a fabulous, turnkey Pre-Fab, like the Mini-O!

Seward Park Prefab: Craning it in!


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